miércoles, 15 de abril de 2020

PHILOSOPHY in troubled times (3): 3 metaphysical conundrums

Dear students in our Philosophy course,
During this sort of impasse or standby time, a different kind of assignment addressed to you has come to my mind. It should be seen as the capstone or final touch to our last unit.

Below you'll find three stories, three strange cases about beings and non-beings, about concrete and abstract things, or about how things' properties depend on the observer's point of view

Firstly, the links to the stories:
1. Poincaré's Problem.
2. Train Cancelled
3. The Hidden Statue.

Now the links to the tasks:
a) Poincaré's Problem.
b) Train Cancelled.
c) The Hidden Statue.

a) and b) are compulsory assignments. c) is a voluntary one, and it may improve your marks up to 0.4 points at the end of this term. You are even allowed to answer the questions partially. Take your time and try to be both creative and thoughtful. Good luck!

DeadlineThursday, April 23 (til the end of that very day).

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