jueves, 21 de mayo de 2020

Nature vs. Nurture

The nature-nurture debate has had an overwhelming presence for almost the last century when discussing many issues concerning who we are and why we behave as we do. It is also the main topic in the 6th unit in our Philosophy course for 1º de bachillerato. 
In order to become familiar with this topic and enrich our next session, I want you to read sections 4 and 4.1 in our booklet and do the exercises 13 & 14 (page 6). Additionally, here you have some other supporting materials with also some questions to be answered.
Deadline: Wednesday, May 27.
  • Watch this video:

   a) Give a broad outline of both experiments.
b) What’s the conclusion drawn in the video? Do you agree with it?
  • Studies with identical twins are a very valuable source of information when it comes to talk about the nature-nurture debate. Now please enjoy this new clip:

c) What’s your conclusion about the case shown in the video? Does it provide any help for a better understanding of the nature-nurture debate? In what sense?
   d) Explain the meaning of the sentence “Heredity loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.”

Finally, here you'll find two useful, comprehensive presentations on this issue:

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